The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is an allowance from the Government given to schools for children who access or who have accessed free school meals in the last 6 years, are looked after or adopted, or have a parent within the armed forces. The grant is an amount per child and it is intended that schools use this money to close the gap in attainment between pupils and their peers. At The Links Primary School, we ensure that the Pupil Premium Grant children not only progress academically, but also become more confident, motivated individuals, by providing opportunities for cultural, personal and social development. Money is spent based on the child’s individual needs and interests.

Most children who qualify for the Pupil Premium Grant, leave The Links Primary School working at a higher ‘level’, exceeding National expectations and having made better than expected progress in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, in comparison with those non Pupil Premium children.

Parents of children receiving the Pupil Premium Grant are informed and consulted about the allocation of money through meetings, letters and emails from the class teacher and Pupil Premium Leader. All information shared with school is in confidence. Teachers and teaching assistants are informed of PPG pupils by the PPG leader or School Business Manager.

Please help us to provide the best support for your child by registering for free school meals if you are eligible. Registering for free school meals is confidential and taking up the free school meal is recommended but is not compulsory.

Here are some examples of how we have spent our Pupil Premium Grant in order to promote inclusivity and close the attainment gap for individual children:


  • At the request of parents, uniform is bought for PPG children
  • Extra -curricular activities, school trips and social events
  • Music Tuition
  • Bungalow Project social and emotional support

Closing the gap:

  • Tracking pupil progress and 1:1s with PPG parents
  • Additional TA time
  • Play therapy and learning & language support
  • Curriculum support materials
  • From parental requests in Year 6, revision guides and dictionaries have been bought.