At The Links Primary School, we believe that being able to write in different styles and contexts is important in supporting children’s ability to communicate their ideas effectively.

Children at The Links Primary School have opportunities throughout the day to write in different contexts, whether, for example, that is a piece of writing that has be ‘built up’ and planned over a week or two in English lessons, or a method of recording their findings in Science.

We have a strong focus on producing good quality writing in our English lessons. In Nursery and Reception, this may be, for example, letters or words written using their phonic knowledge about a picture or writing sentences using simple punctuation about a favourite story.

From Year 1 to Year 6, each English lesson provides opportunities to build up skills and knowledge to support producing a quality focused piece of writing over a week or two. This writing is then reviewed and edited by pupil and teacher to make improvements and emphasise the value of making changes to writing to make it even better