Our key designated staff are

Carly Briston

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Julia Hutchinson

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

View Our Child Protection Policy Here

Your child’s safety and welfare is of the greatest importance to us.

We want to work in partnership with you to keep your child safe. These are the steps we will take:

  • We will make sure that all staff and volunteers who work directly with your children have satisfactory police checks
  • We will ensure our premises and equipment are safe
  • We will provide adequate supervision for activities
  • We will record any significant accidents or injuries your child may receive at the school and we will inform you about them as soon as possible
  • If there is any suspicion that your child is in danger from a staff member or volunteer at the school, we will protect your child while we investigate the situation and we will keep you informed
  • If we have any reason to be concerned about your child or if your child comes to the school with an injury, we will talk with you and/or your child about this, and if necessary we will make a referral to Social Services
  • We will not allow your child to leave the school during teaching hours, unless you have given permission for this and we agree with you that this is safe
  • We will not allow your child to be collected by anyone, unless you have given permission for this and have informed us on the ‘Home Arrangements’ slip.
  • We will encourage your child to speak freely about any concerns, or any aspect of the school that makes them unhappy, and we will try to put things right
  • We will always make time to listen to you if you have any concerns about your child’s safety and welfare or any aspect of the school