School Lunches and Information from Caterlink

Children can select to either bring in their own packed lunches or order a hot meal from the current menu. The food is supplied by Caterlink

Caterlink are extremely proud to be providing meals to our children. Caterlink are committed to giving pupils / students the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from a nutritious lunch. We pride ourselves in using fresh local produce, with all our food being cooked and prepared fresh on-site where possible.

What’s so special about Caterlink?

  • We are passionate about good food at work, schools, colleges and in the healthcare environment.
  • Caterlink have won a number of awards including a Compassion in World Farming ‘Good Egg Award’ for its commitment to source only free range RSPCA Assured eggs.
  • All our food is made daily on-site using fresh local produce at the Food for Life Gold standard.
  • Our management and staff are friendly and, above all, accessible.
  • We listen to our customers and actively encourage them to tell us what they think of our service.

Great Food

The food children eat in school is very important for their education. Not only does a well-balanced diet help with general health but establishing healthy eating habits at a young age can give them knowledge for the future. We understand the likes and dislikes of primary school children so we tailor our menus to encourage maximum uptake.

People are Key

We invest heavily in our staff to ensure that you or your child receives the meal they deserve. We have a chef trainer and development team who are dedicated to supporting the kitchens and ensuring all of the staff have the skills required to deliver our promised.

You can view the most recent school menu here.

Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 As part of a government initiative, all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive a free school meal. You do not need to fill in any forms to apply for their free school meals. Simply send your child in to school and they can ask for their meal when the teacher takes the register. They can have anything from one free meal in the whole year to one every day. To learn more about free school meals and to apply please click here

The school will receive extra money from the Government to pay for the children’s meals based on the number of children who take a school dinner on two dates: one in October and one in January. If your child has a school dinner on these two dates, the school will receive enough extra money to pay for your child’s meals for the whole year. If your child does not have a school dinner on these two dates, they will still be able to receive a free school meal any time you want them to have one, but the school will not receive any extra money from the Government and will have to pay for your child’s meal out of the money that is supposed to pay for their education

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